If you’re looking for some classic black and white terror, sure to make any drive-in date complete, then look no further. Jack Arnold’s creepy B-Movie horror will make Debbie Sue avert her eyes and ask: “Gee, is it over?!” With a comically bad cameo from none other than heartthrob, Troy Donahue and a creepy outstretched hand, ready to strangle its next victim; Monster on The Campus delivers everything you could want from a 50’s horror flick.


When Professor Donald Blake (Arthur Franz) gets his normal human hands on a coelacanth (a really old frozen fish) he is eager to unlock its mysteries. Cue Troy Donahue and his pesky pet dog that happens upon some melted fish blood and laps it up. The cuddly canine soon turns Cujo and is sent to Professor Blake for testing, but he is unable to fathom why the dog would become violent.

When Blake accidentally snags himself on the fish’s teeth, he begins a transformation into a prehistoric murderous monster – but he can’t remember a thing. As the bodies pile up and the Professor keeps accidentally killing people, the pressure mounts. Will Blake be able to solve the puzzle before he turns into the monster on the campus once again, or will he meet an untimely demise worthy of any drive-in creature feature?

Monster On The Campus is a wholly predictable horror that almost definitely hasn’t stood the test of time, but it does however take you back to the golden age of teenage titillation that often goes untouched in modern horror flicks.

If you’re looking for a film that will make you lock all the doors and hide behind the sofa then this probably isn’t the one for you.  However, if you are looking for some inspiring prosthesis, camera shots that linger and dramatic deaths then you have come to the right place. Monster on The Campus is not gone and it certainly isn’t forgotten, so order your copy here and get ready for some fishy frights.


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