Written and directed by Sonia Anderson, Bowie: The Man Who Changed the World,  gives a small insight into what life was like for the global superstar. The documentary makes good use of people Bowie knew both socially and professionally, and perhaps some people he never knew giving us their two pence.

The world came to a standstill in January when Bowie tragically died. Curiously enough, Bowie didn’t come to an end, having released his album Blackstar two days before, he remained in the public eye till the very end. Anderson’s documentary reveals that David Bowie was not all about glitter and dancing with puppets. It wasn’t as simple as slapping on some make-up and taking some LSD. David Bowie actually had to be really smart with finances, business and marketing. He had to be an innovator with new technologies and figure out how to use them to his advantage to become as successful as he did.

CH10 No Compromise

While it does touch on his hedonistic days this documentary steers away from the somewhat shady past and sheens over the massive drug binge Bowie went on for years. While I am not denying that he was an incredibly capable and intelligent man, with a career that is overwhelmingly impressive – I’m not so fussed about how David crunched the numbers. I was however, intrigued to see another side to the man behind the glam.

If you are interested in Bowie as a musician then this documentary isn’t really what you are looking for. If you are interested in Bowie as a figure, then order your copy here.



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