Okay, so the title is pretty self explanatory. I have decided that I really ought to know these things – my first port of call was Facebook and my family. Naturally.


When that didn’t go to plan, I just YouTubed it and came across: SEO Tutorial 2016: A Beginners Guide to SEO. My general understanding of SEO is that if you want to write a webpage about carrots, you basically just put lots of keywords in the copy to do with carrots, like, carrot cake? This is a really bad example. Anyway, those words will help push your webpage higher up on a Google search. The whole point of this blog-post is to document my learning journey so that everyone knows that Elizabeth Howlett has a basic understanding of SEO – and also I can hopefully put it into practice as I go along. Let me absorb this video and I will let you know more about the exciting world of carrot related SEO.

New tips to take away

  1. “Keywords are really at the heart of SEO.”
    Websites and webpages are two totally different things? Shut the front door! Google search results will only bring up the most relevant webpages. You may have a site that is called ‘supercarrotknowlegde’ but if none of your webpages have content about ‘carrots’ or ‘carrot cakes’ or ‘rabbits eat them’ or something that relates to carrots, it wouldn’t get very high up on a Google search.
  2. “Picking a keyword is like picking a fight.”
    Choosing the right keywords can be tricky. Run DMC style, tricky. The example given is ‘shoes’ – if your keyword is going to be shoes then you are potentially going to be competing with all the major shoe people, like Footlocker or Schuh. It ain’t gunna happen, pick your battles wisely! You have to think outside the box and come up with something to the left. Keywords that relate but are not as specific would be a better option, so ‘sassy brogues’ or ‘summer shoes’.
  3. “Not as much search volume but a lower amount of competition.”
    There are three types of keywords: head, body and long tail. seoHead keywords are usually one word competitive phrases, like shoes. I don’t think it hurts to have shoes in there anyway but the point Daragh tries to make is that you will also need longer, more descriptive keywords to be seen. Seems fairly straight-forward to me.
  4. Google Adwords.
    I need to start using this.
  5. “Make them [URL’s] readable, make them key-word-rich and make them short.”
    Make your URL relevant to your post. WordPress does a pretty good job at generating them for you but you can edit if you feel the need.  You don’t want to title your post about carrots: “Those crazy orange things!” You will want everything to relate back to itself so when someone searches ‘carrots’ your page has a fighting chance.
  6. WordPress SEO by Yoast
    I also need to start using this… This tool will allow me to edit my meta-description and optimise EVERYTHING.

While this video was only a 40 minute introduction to SEO I have got a clear starting point, and some new tools to help me out. My next post will be about putting these skills to practice…wish me luck. It won’t be about carrots unfortunately, it will most likely be about The Jungle Book.


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