Directed by Hammer Horror’s, Freddie Francis and starring two of the biggest names in horror movie history, Dr. Terror’s House of Horror is a delight for any horror fan. Horror, horror, horror!

The plot follows five men in a train carriage who are joined by a very strange sixth passenger, Dr. Terror (Peter Cushing). He carries with him some Tarot cards and performs a reading for each man which opens up the film for a multiple-story-narrative.


Jim Dawson (Neil McCallum), an architect, is the first to have his fortune told and let’s just say it gets a bit hairy. Bill Rodgers (Alan Freeman) decides to go next and what he’s told is enough to creep anyone out. Biff Bailey (Roy Castle) discovers that his love for jazz music could be his undoing. Sceptical Franklyn Marsh (Christopher Lee) is given a handy tale of caution about his nasty art critiques. Lastly, Dr. Carroll (Donald Sutherland) hoping for marital bliss gets more than he bargained for.

This collection of macabre tales is given that Gothic-Hammer sheen thanks to Freddie, with a huge array of talent and some unexpected twists, Dr. Terror is extremely well executed for a low budget horror. The special effects may be a little questionable and it does take some time to really get going, however, it does not disappoint.


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