On my last post, I figured out the basic principals of SEO and it turns out most of it is just common sense and none of it is about putting a load of random keywords at the bottom of your webpage, commonly known as ‘keyword stuffing’. I found out about some tools to help me out; Google Adwords and the Yoast Plugin. Turns out my WordPress.com domain doesn’t allow me to upload my own plugins and apparently has its own built in SEO tools…Ha! I don’t feel that Google Adwords is appropriate for this stage, I am not trying to set up a functioning business, but nonetheless it could come in handy?


Why didn’t I get a .org domain? :'(

Don’t feel disheartened, it’s a learning journey! We are all learning here! Having a .org site would have made my life a million times easier. Nonetheless, the really important part of any online copy is that you are creating original content that people will enjoy. While being mindful of keywords it shouldn’t be that difficult if you are actually writing about the subject matter.As promised there will be no carrots but there will be The Jungle Book. Firstly, the most sensible thing to do is look at some of the words associated with it.


MS Paint skills are on point

To avoid the Google sin of keyword stuffing, I have made a lovely mind map on Paint (I am so sorry, my laptop would explode if I used Photoshop).

It goes without saying that any keywords I attempt to use on a film review blog are going to be drowned in a sea of competition. However, if I post about less ‘popular films’ or give it an original angle, it does attract attention according to my Stats and Search Engine Terms. For example, my post on Drop Dead Fred has regular traffic based on the search term: ‘Drop Dead Fred mental breakdown’ and my Babadook theory is often found with the term: ‘Babadook depression’. Both of those posts have the keywords in the title, they are original and (I can only assume) are engaging.

This is all well and good for my humble blog, but what about if I were to write for a company? If someone did ask me to write an online article about carrots, what would make it stand out and gain traction?  (I wish someone would ask me to write about carrots, it would make my year!)

I will explore this in my next post! The journey continues…


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