I rarely write straight reviews. Usually I’m telling you why a movie is good over telling you to go see it based on my opinion. I mean you guys are perfectly capable of making your own minds up. But scratch that last part, you are all incapable of independent thought. Go see Colossal. It’s fucking beautiful.

Written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo this low-budget, indie wet-dream follows Gloria (Anne Hathaway) the drunk. She is rapidly spiralling out of control and just got handed a one-way ticket to dumpsville from her boyfriend, Tim (Dan Stevens).

Gloria returns to her hometown and moves back into her parents house, which is completely empty. She bumps into her childhood friend, Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) who now conveniently owns a bar and can get her shitfaced – thus keeping Gloria in her downward mobility. Around about the same time as she returns home a gigantic monster appears over Seoul, South Korea. You guessed it, Gloria and the big monster are somehow linked. The whys, hows and wherefores are so pregnant with metaphorical and psychoanalytical possibilities; it has been really difficult to not spoiler all over myself.


This movie has a lot to say about relationships of every nature. Whether it be Gloria’s relationship with alcohol and destruction, her romantic relationships with weak men, or her general everyday friendships dragging her down– it all works together in harmony.

The lines between success and failure, power and control mixed with satire and sadness are blurred. They are blurred enough for us to watch a monster movie that exposes humanity and is still unbelievably enjoyable, poignant and honest.

Hopefully after watching Colossal you will think, fuck King-Kong and his problems – what about me? What about my problems? What about us? What about our problems?

Watch the trailer here.

Read what better critics than me are saying, here.


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