With the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor comes a backlash of sexist comments, opinions and views. Is there a difference between not liking the idea of a female doctor, and not liking females?

The big reveal of the new Doctor landed on our TV screens yesterday, following the Wimbledon men’s singles finals. Jodie Whittaker, of BBC’s Broadchurch fame, will assume the skin of the 13th Doctor.

The BBC said that the traditional casting of a white male actor would not continue following the departure of current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, at Christmas.

It has caused a clear divide between fans who are dubious about a new gendered Doctor.

This is perfectly natural, as any large character changes could sway ratings and viewings.

As a ‘non-fan’ of Doctor Who, the news is neither-here-nor-there to me.

Isn’t it common knowledge that the infamous alien regenerates instead of dying?

You would think fans of this television series that broke such major boundaries on it’s release would not only be used to change, but open to it.

The backlash of comments about Whittaker all seem to centre on her vagina getting in the way.


The very notion of a female Time Lady is utter nonsense right? I mean she will probably just cry a lot and then set the Sonic Screwdriver to vibrate. Bloody women.

The change of gender is undoubtedly going to be a stark contrast to what has come before, and may not work.

There is nothing wrong with implying that the change will alter the writing, tone and feel of a series – because it probably will.

There is everything wrong, however, with saying that the show is now worthless because of a woman.

Unfortunately this seems to be the status quo with complaints.

Not wanting change is normal. Bashing women is not normal – well actually, it is really normal, apparently. The fan comments are a testament to that.

A few people on my social media have already decided that they are never going to watch their favourite show again. The reasoning is not the character change but the genitalia change.

The show is now apparently ‘dead’ according to one Facebook user. The cause of death: women.

I would instead suggest that the cause of death (a death that has not happened yet) is: character change.

Misogynistic idiots have been given (yet another) chance to spout off with ludicrous protestations while disguising their shortcomings as concern for the show.

Trying to defend his views, one said that it was the “BBC giving in to female activists,” and that “we don’t go around giving the female leads in TV shows sex changes to make them men.” A comment echoing several reported in national news.

Fans are quoted saying things like, “Dr Who is as established [as a male] as James Bond! You wouldn’t change James Bond into a woman?!”

No, I don’t think they would change JAMES Bond into a woman. I don’t know many women called James…

I digress. If you want to have an opinion on the new Doctor, then have one. If you don’t like Whittaker, fine. Just don’t use your hatred towards women as a reason. Don’t call her things like, ‘Time of the Month Lord’? Just a suggestion.


  • Saying you don’t want the show to change.
  • Saying you don’t want the character to change.
  • Saying you are unsure and apprehensive how other fans will react to a bold gender change.
  • Saying you are used to it being played by men.
  • Having your own opinions.

Not fine

  • Blaming women for the demise of a show.
  • Saying it’s down to ‘PC madness’ or ‘female activists’.
  • Moaning at women for wanting more representation.
  • Making some snide remark about women, driving, time, space and their inability to cope with it/do those things.
  • Using Dr Who as an excuse to be openly sexist on social media.

Am I the only one that finds it ironic that a bunch of fans, enchanted by the proposition of time travel, are seemingly incapable of moving with it?

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